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Genetic Algorithms convergence: the hypothesis is that there exists a calcuable criteria for a Genetic Algorithm to converge. First we have to formalise the Genetic Algorithm in terms of a set of real numbers (algorithm matrix, coefficients). The criteria must be on the matrix, then. I thought of it as a fundamental theorem of what I would call the Algebraic Theory of Genetic Algorithms (at the time I studied the algorithms they were weakly formalised and barely translated into the language of mathematics, in my opinion).

The circumstances were that I had to study other areas. It would be interesting to turn to it again. Or, maybe, somebody can realise the idea. That is why I am writing these lines. Anyway, I believe that by finding out the right matrix we can apply the results to many fields of science. The idea comes from the nature itself. The nature cannot be mistaken as it has proved its efficiency and ultimate intelligence, we see it on our planet :)

One of the advanced works on the topic First we need to study what has been done so far and base our research on it

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